tirsdag 16. oktober 2012


 Hei, hei!!!!!!!!!!!

The way life is turning become sometimes very scary and sometimes very excited. Live for me is something very precious, cause it is the way how we can know hatred and feel loved. 
My stay in Norway during the last year have been so spetial that i wanted to experience it one more time and also because i didn't realy know what i will do with my future. Now that i know i am so happy, happy that i want to work hard to reach my goals in life  and i know exactly what i want to do and i hope like always God will help me and i know that he will.
The most important for a person who want to grow in life is to know how to apreciate life as it is, not as he want it to be, cause our own plans can be different from the one that God have in his royal mind.

Life is sometimes realy strange cause it can happend that you can feel so blind cause you don't know how to see things, how to feel it and how to juge it. And when you discover how beautifull it is cause nothibg who is leaving is hugly, you get hurt and then you regret why you have been so close to your self and you blame your self for all the nice things that you haven't done when you had the oportunity. 

And then you ask your self how can't it be a God up theres who take god cares of this amaizing nature, who let the rain falls down, who let the soft snow falls down, the cold and fresh wind, the sun shining, the seas and ocean, and who give us all the mervelous things in life, it might be someone...

The point is that, sometimes i was thinking in my self cause i haven't done that beffore cause i was occuped with other things that i could think, "it is stupid to apreciate the nature with exageration" but it is not cause every people doesn't have the oportunity to see and to feel it and sometimes people have too much of those things  but they think that it is not so important. But is realy important to be all the time grateful about all the things that God have given to you and to accept that there is some difference in the way of life, not try to change it but live with it as it is.

Må Gud velsigne Dokk ;)

onsdag 12. september 2012


HEI HEI !!!!!!!!!!!!! Eg er te bakke -:P- :D 
One year has gone and one new adventure starts.
Life is sometimes strange cause it is now 21 years that I live and just 1 years that I have truly been open to the world and that i have seen  the world not with a Cameroonian eyes but with each once of all the continents . This year again I am in a place where I will  learn more about others life, cultures and religions and it will be great at Hald internasjonale senter in Norway. Hald internasjonale senter is an amazing place where lives all many from different countries and continents but as one family. 
I am the part of that family but as I were before in 2011-2012, now I can say I am not in 100% part of it cause I am not a student anymore i am just the one who can try to help them when they need something and have fun with them and bein Internasjonale room :P and that is it. i realy like that cause i feel a litle bit serious and gowing up Girl :P .

 And as the growing up that i am( :P) i can advice my people that it is more nice to be with peopl and meet and talk with people than to be on Facebook :P cause with never knows if we will have more oportunity to meet them and to have fun with them. it is a great oportunity you have every time that you meet different people with different skin, who have different opinion and who have different religion and it is an Amazing Grace that we have in our lives.

Sometimes I feel really jealous because that place that they have, is really special and it is just there that you can truly enjoy Hald without being scary about the rules and just enjoy it as they feel and as they think.
My which for this new year is that all of us shall be open mind, crazy nice cause it is the one of the way to learn more because of course that you need some limit but you have to enjoy everything and be your self cause that is the most important, to

" be your self ". 

GVD ;)

onsdag 28. desember 2011

JUL I NORGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !NATURE ER SINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hei,hei!!!!!!!! Går det bra med dere!!?
           It is my first time to spend christmas far from my familly and it is abit sad,funny,good,strange.
Sad because i miss my family alot at  this times i know that every things are ok with them but it is like it is.
Funny ,because it is also my first time to receive christmas present ,and i was so happy,also to see how Norwegians are exiting at this time and how many PACKETs are around the christmas tree.
Good, because it is the moment when you can find every evry person home with their families cause the tradition is like this.Also beccause every person receive someting special that day.
Strange because sometimes don't like our present because it wasn't what we were waiting for and can make people feel sad .Also  some years ago we had one phenomen who hapend at the same time of the year and this year it...
                       Since almost one week now we have alot of moves in the part  of Norway called MØRE where i live .The nature is hangry and show his hanger. and all  the marins tranport are blocked because of STORM.That has cause alot of damage around (no electricity...) I was i bit afraid for my team mate and because that place have olmost every times that kind of strong wind  and i was feeling like this place is very dangerous but we can't fight agains the nature.

I were supose to go back home on Harøy but because of that i'm staying on Bømlo longer than the plan .It is nice because i am with very nice person that i like so much .
One i hope for this year is that :

May GOD protect us evry days 

To be continued...
Gud velsingne dere !!!!!!

onsdag 2. november 2011


Hei,Hei! Går det bra i dag?!!!!

DRAMA(bibel maraton)
308722_239873029404613_100001457520937_685100_828867775_n.jpg Two weeks ago ,Norway  have gotten a new bibel with different word .The new translation  were more easy  with the language so that every one can  feel their self more able to unmderstand somthings and to help people to know more about the bible and God.This new bible were some kind of  rebegining of the teaching of the Gospel cause evry one wanted to read it.The mean goal of That kind of celebration called BIBEL MARATON were like i have said before is to help people to know more about God and the bible . But to make it more interesting  they have  made some kind of challenge who consisted to read  all the bible in four days and they have use many things like (DRAMA). It was some kind of batle because they were so many people who wanted to read in every times so that ,  the others peoples can just stay and listen the others reading and at the same time learn many things from the bible.You know ,we are youth and we like new things,and new innovation has made many youth to become more interested when its come to the  gospel. 

¨The new bible is not important but what is really important is the way we use it and that he  stay in the heart  to  build a world with God in the top¨

NMS GJENBRUK I MOLDE is one of the bouttik of the Norwegian Mission Society(NMS) were they sell many things who come from gift almost like FRETEXbut the difference is that they sell more materials. And the money they get is just to help people all over the world (MISSION) .They have celebrate their 10(ÅR ) years old the last week and it was great .What was very interesting there was to see that  people who works they are old, they are working for free and all of them are retired.They do it because they care about others and also,they want to grow up the gospel. At that time , some of the old womens who works there and who were singers and instrumentalist wanted to show people that there is no age to use  their gift  to serve God.
Frå v. Rutt Grønbugt, Anne Marie Ueland og Laila Harneshaug.jpg (normal).jpg

PARTY (nms gjenbruk ,10 år) damers kor

¨The world need new things to provide the gospel and people who cares all over the world ¨

To be continued...
GUD velsingne deg !!!...vi snakkes

tirsdag 25. oktober 2011


Hei Hei!!!!!!!!! Går det bra i dag?!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The last week we were in Molde to have one kind of ceremny called KAMERUNKVELD and it was quiet inetresting to see and to hear  how people react and think  when its come to help children with disabilities.The objectif of that night were to collect money for deaf school in cameroon.I think that we need to thanks GOD for the fact that we can have that kind of people who cares in the world and if every one can tried to remember that GOD use every body for his service  the world  can be bether. The only problem were that it  was only old  people who were there so us youth we need to be more active and use our gift for build a world with GOD at the bigining and above every things.What was realy important for us is that, there we were free to share with every one the way we are biliving without any frustration cause they like to hier different way of sharing the gospel.
kameruns kveld i molde

 Also we were in one other ceremonie called BIBEL MARATON ,it was quiet strange and interesting for me cause they had a new bible and they wanted to read all in 4 days and many differents peoples use their free times to do it .At that time  my first question were ¨WHY?¨ and what is funny is that i didn't realy get a answer .
Drama ,bibel maraton

Now about the confirmant,Today we were in one meeting with them and i fell like free to talk about the importance of been a confirmant with them and i think that some of them are realy consious why they are there and why they made that choice. What is sad is that the other s don't realy know why they whant to do it.I think that the teenager knows more about THE FAITH that we can think so they just have to create more oportunities  to share and to learn more about the gosple and the mission.We must tried to make them feel free and to tell them that GOD is the only reason why.One thing my father always said to me is that ¨IF YOU HAVE  CHILDRENS YOU NEED TO LEARN THEM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN WHAT IS GOOD OR BAD FOR THEM ,TO MAKE THEM FIND OUT THE RIGHT WAYS, THE ONLY THING  YOU CAN DO AFTER WORST IS TO CARE  ABOUT THEM AND GIVE THEM LOVE .¨ 

So there is no age to follow GOD and to share the Gosple.

To be continued...vi snakkes

tirsdag 18. oktober 2011

Confirmant,,Habits, Culture and GOD?!!!!!!

Hei Hei!! Går det bra?!!!!!!!!

The last week we were in one camp with  confirmant and it was realy interesting to see how they react.We were 6 youngers leadrers and i think that for us tree internatinal it was quiet difficult  cause they were just speaking in norwegian and also great cause we learned alot about teenager in norway.

We learn them how to play drums and danse like in Afrika (Cameoon),that was great cause they are realy shy but when you show them that they can be free and that they can trust in in you it becom more easy. 

My first impression when i saw their reaction was that they are impolites and that they don't realy respect elders.But after worst my answer was that they grow up with that kind of habits and its become like a culture for them to always be equal in every situation.But for me it is not like i gorw up with that idea that ¨WHITE IS NOT BLACK and THE  FATHER CAN  NEVER BE THE SON OF HIS SON¨ .They always said to us that it is the culture but don't think so.

Now about what we have done there i can say nothing cause we didn't realy know what they were talking about sometimes ,they speak so fast  and it is not realy easy for us to understand and sometimes we were a litle bit angry.Of course we need to speak norwegian but  sometimes we want to relax a litle bit and tried to use the language that every one can understand clarly.

One thing i have also remarqued  is that people in norway don't want the teenager to be confronted to the rude situation who is that it is a choice when its become to be confirmant and when you are confirmate you have already given your life to GOD and you need to folow his rules. They just take a confirmation  like all the oders even in the life of someone.We were a litle bit frustrated cause when its come to speak about GOD they don't want us to say all things who are in our hearts they just want us to talk a litle bit cause they don't want the children to be frustreted. Because of that maybe they have in their mind that ¨ faith is just for old people ,they are very young and they don't need to trust now ,they can trust later¨.

So whtat is the goal of been confirmant?...

To be continued...snakkes

onsdag 12. oktober 2011


Hei Hei! Hvordan har du det! Min norsk bekommer bedre og bedre! Flink

Yesterday we were so busy my team made and me cause we had many things to do.
First we have been in one netting club ah nice . Nice cause there it just old women who works there and they were learning us how to neat and it was embarasing for him to do it cause he is a boy and they are not us to. That place is calling¨boutik¨ were the sell many beautiful things made by their  amazing hands . That women are so strong and healthy cause they are all the time moving and i thing that it is a really good example for us youth cause sometimes we think that  when you are old you can´t do many things .

After that , one norwegian family invite us for dinner at home,what was funny and bad for me is that i both chocolate for them but i didn´t new that the woman of the house had diabete and that was quiet embarasing for me . I think that the next time i will find another thing to bring and ask first what i can bring andwhat i can´t . I was nice that they invite us cause it prouve that they cares about us and i like those who cares .

At the end of the after noon we were in one meeting with all the confirmant of  Harøy and it was quiet strange for me to see how they are doing.It was realy diferent for what i´m use to and i think that work with them will be my bigest chalenge this first months.

To be continued... Vi snakkes! 
GUD velsingne deg!